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« on: October 08, 2012, 03:21:58 pm »
1. Please make sure you report to mods or admins about bots or other bad things!
2. If somebody is making fun out of you and you said stop but they countined then talk to a mod or admin!
3. Do not post topics over and over again and again it gets REAL annoying!
4. Please don't pretend to be a admin or mod. People will know if you are a staff member if you have a title like Mod,Admin,ext.
5. Stay on topic and don't spam just to get a lot of posts!
6. Make sure you post in the correct board in the correct topic!

I hope these rules help you to be not banned!
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Please read the rules here!

Questions for the staff members can be contacted if you go to there profile and click send personal message!

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